We’re so excited to share our day with each and every one of you, but want to make sure you know who’s going to be standing up with all of us.

Bridal Party

Maggie Daucsavage Co-Maid of Honor

Maggie Dausavage has been a consistently vibrant force in Alyse’s life since they met over ten years ago (right after Alyse moved to LA). Even though Maggie made the mistake of buying her sunflowers early on, they became fast friends. They shared countless mimosa-fueled brunches along with nights out where neither wanted to call it—they’re pretty similar that way.

Maggie’s infectious energy lights up every room she enters, and her new baby, Maya, is following right in her footsteps. Alyse was honored to be a part of Maggie’s wedding day, and is thrilled to have Maggie standing by her side to laugh (and most likely cry) throughout this special day.

Hannah Grotbo Co-Maid of Honor

Hannah and Alyse met while attending college at Montana State. They were both in the film program, but Hannah was cooler and a grade ahead, so their friendship really began when they lived near each other in Brooklyn. When they moved to LA, it really took off.

Hannah is an incredibly creative and kind soul; depending on the moment she can make anyone laugh or dive into a deep philosophical conversation. Alyse and Hannah have danced the night away during rooftop parties in NY, seen the country during camping trips and wine tours, and toasted many nights together watching The Bachelor or Bachelorette. Here’s to another night of dancing and laughing together!

Adelaide Smithmason

Adelaide and Alyse danced together growing up, and even though Adelaide was always the teacher’s favorite, the two of them always had many laughs walking to dance class. Adelaide has always been fearless and taken risks, like spending a year abroad in Italy while the rest of us were in boring regular high school.

Though there’s a lot more distance between them these days, and Adelaide’s busy running Sun Valley’s best Italian restaurant and raising her chickens, they still enjoy every second they can get together. Alyse has been overjoyed to watch Adelaide become a wife and a madre, and can’t wait to have her standing with her on the big day.


Melissa Sanchez Best Mel

Max has known Melissa since they day he set foot in Los Angeles. From their first trip to Porto’s together they became fast friends, in no small part thanks to Melissa’s excellent ability to give the perfect piece of advice at any time (and also find the best parking spot). Through tons of experiences, from finding the perfect midcentury furniture to resume and job interview coaching, walking through Dia de los Muertos festivals and Melissa’s engagement photoshoot, their friendship has grown and grown. After living together in West Hollywood, Max and Melissa established an even closer bond that can only be described as “roombas”. He’s so happy to have her standing up there as he starts the next part of his life.

Raj Sharma

Max met Raj on the beach before he’d even moved to LA, and they quickly bonded over a shared love of music and travel. From Iceland and Alaska to closer trips like Joshua Tree, they’ve seen a good slice of the world together and Raj’s sense of humor has kept them laughing all the way. Now, even their dogs are friends. Well, Raj’s Dog tolerates Ellie, anyways.

Peter Daucsavage

Peter and Max met shortly after Alyse & Max started dating, and became fast friends right away. Pete and Alyse had been friends since their freshman year of college and have experience the highs and lows of LA together. Pete’s always quick with a kind word or a subtle joke (usually the kind that flies under the radar for a second) and is the kind of person you want to be around. Through many rounds of golf, parties, and backyard movies, they’ve grown closer through the last few years and Max couldn’t be happier to have Pete stading up with him on this day.


Sophia Dilley

Sophia and Alyse go way, way back – we’re talking elementary school dance classes, where their collective lack of grace meant they were forever banished to the back row and pink outfits. Yet, their shining moment emerged when they took the stage as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, tapping their way into the hearts of everyone in the audience!

Their friendship has been a wild ride, filled with endless nights and weekends spent at each other’s childhood homes, perfecting the fine art of prank calling and creating ridiculous home videos (remember the I.N. 🙂). Alyse has always admired Sophia’s unstoppable drive and sense of humor, and promises never to tell anyone about their early 2000’s reenactments of music videos.

Samantha Fronek

Max has known Sam for literally his whole life, and even though she says things were better before he came around, that’s probably not true. Through family vacations and Christmas board games, refusing to buy Max beer when he was in high school, and road trips through California, Iceland, and beyond, Sam’s been the best big sister possible…most of the time.

Though they now live half a country apart, Sam’s just a phone call away for a reassuring word, Jeff Goldblum-related joke, or just a chat. Max is so happy she can be part of today and hopes she won’t share too many embarrassing childhood stories.

Wedding Party

Andrew Tolbert Flower Man

Andrew and Alyse met when she moved to LA. Their shared passion of musical theatre, dance, Bravo!, and wine tastings made them fast friends, and every time they get together is full of laughs and gossip. Whether its at Closechella™ parties in Palm Springs or pool parties in the Canyon, it’s always a good time. Max still remembers talking into the night in a shared house complete with an entire room full of crosses.

Eli Stark Ringbearer

Eli is Alyse’s 10-year-old nephew. He likes dinosaurs, video games, and winning at any game he brings to a party. Eli’s got a big job ahead of him at the wedding but we know he’ll do an amazing job bringing the rings down the aisle.